the tale of a hawaiian transplant in norway


ria = embodying madness. fabricating collective memories. giving my daughter a childhood. defining moments. adoring my sky. facing the rain. humming personally composed out-of-tune melodies. digging my toes into the red earth. being joyous. cultivating deliciousness everywhere. (attempting to and sometimes actually) writing litanies. loving, even when it hurts. disappearing into the moon. maintaining illusions.  constructing intricate stories. inspiring wonder. falling apart. exchanging conspiracy theories. basking in ethereal light. conversing with myself.  conjuring small miracles. (re)membering the forgotten.  forgiving.  feeling too much.  happening upon instances of unplanned eccentric jubilation. laughing, especially when i should not. cloaking myself in the brightest colors imaginable. exaggerating. smiling at ghosts. escaping into lush nowheres. obsessing over everything. embracing myself.


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