the tale of a hawaiian transplant in norway

a (sort of) beginning

so i say to myself:  everyone is doing it, why not jump on the bandwagon?  forget the fact that this conclusion has gotten you into big, big trouble many of times.  i mean, you did just delete your FB.  and you did just recently leave your family, friends, and ancestral home and move to the opposite side of the world.  so, why not?  it will be an easy way to keep my loved ones posted while avoiding the irritating drama of FB.  but then there are other things to think about as well.  first, do i wanna share my personal life with the world?  second, who exactly will read this?  and third, what will i write about?  after thinking some about the first question, i ended up indirectly answering the other questions as well (which is usually how my mind works).

because this blog will be available for the public to read (not that anyone other than my close circle will actually read it) i quickly decided that i didn’t want it to be too personal (i do have my family’s privacy to protect).  but it did have to be somewhat personal otherwise it would defeat the original purpose of my blog.  in thinking about a happy medium i considered the sorts of posts that i tended to write on FB (which in recent times was decreasingly less and less).  the majority of the time it was comprised of photos  i took.  photos of my daughter, photos of my food, photos of my travels.  once in a while (while either being in the woes of inspiration or frustration)  i threw in some music and politics, and once in a great while i threw in some witty lines of poetry (and while i’m writing this i’m silently regretting my decision to delete my FB account without first archiving my status updates but also not wanting to log back in within the 14 day waiting period it takes to have your account permanently deleted, but also hoping that there wasn’t anything of pure genius that can never be recreated, but simultaneously holding the melodramatic image of a writer from the 1800’s novel being blown away in the wind or burned in a fire, and knowing that it will be okay in the end.  at least, i hope).   and that is how i decided i would write and post photos about similar topics.  mainly motherhood/child-rearing, cooking, travels, and random ramblings.

during these thought processes the same recurring question kept floating through my head like a scrolling advertisement:  will anyone read this?  i kept telling myself, it really doesn’t matter.  you should be writing with your family/friends as your audience.  and if not for them, then for yourself (a kind of pour-your-brains-out-therapy).  but i can’t kid myself for too long.  ego is always involved (no matter how enlightened you are).  which is why i’ve just had to tell myself that i should just write and try not to fret about it.  if anything, i know my husband will enjoy it.

and so we finally come to this first post.  i kept looking at the generic initial post by wordpress (the one that tells you to delete and post here) and wondering, what the hell should i put there?  the pressure!  so i decided to just type (free-write) and see what happens (a technique i picked up in undergrad).  and that is what you see above and here.  this is my first post, the beginning of my blog about the beginning of my new life in norway as a hawaiian transplant.


2 responses

  1. Czerny Mae Akiona-Ferris

    hey smarty pants…your free write was pretty academic =P hopefully one day i can be up to par with you and your writing..until then you will see alot of punctuation errors, grammar errors and alot of slang/texting acronyms.. LOL

    27/02/2012 at 23:00

  2. Shannon

    I’m liking your blog. I’m going to be slitting my life between Norway and Hawai’i. I was hoping there would be some Hawai’i people there.

    14/05/2014 at 03:57

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